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Our mission at York Street CrossFit is to help you achieve your personal goals for health and fitness in a fun and community oriented setting, at any age or level of conditioning. Our smaller class sizes help us to keep an eye on the individual needs of our clients while time efficient training programs provide the best possible results in the shortest period of time. We aim to safely build the technical proficiency and movement skills of our clients, gradually increasing complexity and intensity until their goals of strength and conditioning are achieved.


All the information on this website, including nutritional advice, diet plans, and any other related information is the result of years of experience and research.

Before beginning any diet plan (including those on this site) it is your sole responsibility to seek the advice of a licensed physician before starting. Please have a physical done or any other health related exams by a licensed physician before starting any diet plan.

By participating you agree that in consideration of your participation of any said diet plans, you for yourself and any representatives of yourself hereby hold harmless York Street CrossFit LLC and its officers, directors, employees, agents, author(s), co-author(s), licensor’s, and suppliers from any claims arising from your participation in any diet plans on this website.