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Our Elements program is designed to introduce new York Street CrossFit members to the movements and techniques of CrossFit in a fun, group-class setting. You’ll immediately become part of our supportive and welcoming community by participating in workouts alongside your fellow YSCF members, while receiving individual attention from our highly qualified coaches. You’ll be learning how to move safely and efficiently in a wide variety of functional exercises, and getting a great workout in at the same time!

New members will start Elements by purchasing a 10-class punch card. Each new member MUST attend 10 L1/L2 classes within their first month. Once you have used all 10 punches, you will be able to move on to whatever membership option you prefer. All new members will be UNABLE to attend Level 2 classes, which are currently scheduled at 5:15 am and 4:30 pm each day.

Your Elements coach will give you very specific instructions for scaling the workout to your fitness level while emphasizing good movement patterns. New members may choose any L1/L2 class to attend.

To get started, email with the subject line “Elements.” From there, a coach will promptly contact you to discuss and schedule your free consultation.