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Hybrid Training

This will be a fast-paced, small group class with a focus on unconventional training methods and tools to peak your heart rate, develop muscular endurance, create explosive power, and improve your conditioning. We will add in odd objects and total body movements and finish with some intense bouts of conditioning and strength. Give us 60 minutes, and we’ll give you an amazing workout that will provide incredible results. If you're looking to lose weight and tone, this is your class!

Class size will be capped at 8 people to ensure safety and individual attention. Class will be 60 minutes.

Our goal is to jumpstart your fitness level while allowing individuals to scale or modify movements to meet their personal needs.

  • We’ll be focused on utilizing unconventional training methodology for fun, intense sessions focused on building and improving your:
    • Conditioning
    • Strength
    • Muscle Endurance
    • Explosive Power
    • Core Stabilization
    • Sandbags: dynamic and challenging. The destabilizing nature of the bag means every muscle has to be working together!
    • Kettlebells: combine explosive strength with muscular endurance to provide an efficient and optimized fullbody workout
    • Battle Ropes: minimal joint strain and maximal aerobic and anaerobic output
    • Dumbbells: bilateral and unilateral strength and endurance sessions
    • ...and a few other fun tools that will surprise you!

Is this class for you?

Have you hit a plateau in your HIIT, bootcamp, or personal training classes? Have you wanted to do CrossFit, but are a bit nervous? Are you looking for something a little more low impact? Then, yes, this class is for you! Come check it out. The first class is on us!

We do not require any exercise experience and we will work with any fitness level.

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