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Recipes…and Idle Chatter!

I have pretty much labeled myself a recipe taster! I wish I could create all the right measurements and ingredients to create something wonderful but I can’t so I use endorse those special people with the patience and skills. Me and couple of my friends (Mandy P and Jen H) always talk about food and what we make, because we try to eat clean / well and share the joy of good food with our families. We also, enjoy reading about food, how food does the body good or how it does you bad. So I thought I should share some of my the GREAT and YUMMY internet finds to you guys…our York Street community / members / homies! That way you too will have will always have something new to try and keep the taste buds happy!


Maple Blueberry Breakfast Sausage

Soooooo….I have this love hate thing with sausage. I dont even want to think about what’s in it….but it is ohhhhh so good….especially with sauerkraut. One day I had a ton of blueberries and didn’t know what to do with them and thought about the delicious blueberry sausage at Who
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