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Revolutions Cycling


Cycling Info

In a REVOLUTIONS Cycling, we shock the body. We CrossTrain. Working both the Aerobic (with oxygen) and Anaerobic (without oxygen) metabolic pathways (Metabolic Conditioning). Working the slow and fast twitch muscles to create endurance and fat metabolism as well as power and strength with explosive movements.

Through attending a class like REVOLUTIONS, where movement is variable in intensity but consistent for 30 to 45 mins, the body begins to:

1. Burn fat more efficiently by using oxygen more efficiently

2. Increases circulation - Fat as fuel become more available because better
circulation allows the fatty acids to move more efficiently
through the blood and into the muscle.

3. Increases the number and size of mitochondria, “the power plants
of the cells”, they convert carbs, fats, proteins, and
glucose into usable energy to the cells.

Two Types Of Classes


Be ready for 45 mins of non-stop intense cycling training! TURN THE RESISTANCE UP - Feel the burn through vertical climbing and sprinting circuits to kick start your heart! The last 10 - 15 mins of class are full of your favorite functional movements.

Revolve to Evolve

This class is a FULL BODY TRANSFORMATION CLASS. Using the bikes as a tool to redesign the cardiovascular system through various training sequences, tone and sculpt the body through resistance training, and keep the body lean, long, and supple with 30 mins of Yoga. Its time to advance your fitness program…its time to REVOLVE to EVOLVE!