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Running Club


What to expect?

Our RC will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 pm.  Each day we will start with a warm-up enroute to our “track”.  We will perform form drills and discuss the upcoming workout during our warm-up jog.  Run workouts will consist of short and long Intervals.  Our Short Intervals are 50 - 400 meters.  Our Long Intervals are 600 - 1600 (1 mile) meters.  The idea behind the Run Club is to increase your WOD potential by learning proper form and pacing.  Speed will come, it will NOT be our main area of focus.  Just as with gymnastics and olympic lifting, proper form will help prevent injury and facilitate your ability to perform at an optimal rate in any WOD.  The Interval work will increase your VO2 Max and help teach you how to pace yourself while running at varying intensities.  An optional Tempo and/or Time Trial run will be listed on the board to be done on the weekend. These runs will range from 3.1 miles to 13.1 miles.

Who is it for?

Everyone.  This will be an ongoing class and all levels of ability are welcome.  More efficient runners will perform more intervals, less efficient runners will run as many intervals as possible before form and/or pace deteriorate. Some participants will NOT use the full hour.  As with all York Street classes, all participants are encouraged to stay after they are done and cheer on their fellow classmates.  Anyone looking for a little extra stamina come ski/board season will greatly benefit from a little extra High Intensity Cardio.

**On days not conducive to outdoor workouts; expect to get on the rowers and do work**